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Heavenly Terrace

Five stylish terraces have been opened at Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park based on the concept of "Heavenly Terrace floating on the Mikata Five Lakes"!
Originally a Mountain Peak Park with an overwhelming charm that is not in a scenic spot in Japan where you can enjoy a 360-angle panorama while walking. Please enjoy the spectacular view from each place on your favorite terrace.
There is also a comfortable building that can be used in rainy and windy days, so you can relax even in bad weather.

Mihama Terrace

The only observatory where you can see the Sea of Japan and all Mikata Five Lakes at once is the most popular scenic spot at the mountain peak.

Heavenly Foot-Bath & Counter Terrace

Heavenly foot-bath and counters were installed on the Mikata Five Lakes side and the Sea of Japan side, respectively.
The superb view of the mysterious lake, Mikata Five Lakes and the Sea of Japan that you can see while entering this foot-bath was certified as Cool Japan Award 2019. It is truly a superb view recognized by the world.

「Superb view from Mikata Five Lakes Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park」

Information House

You can enjoy superb views of the Mikata Five Lakes and the Sea of Japan from the all-weather information house. You can also see magazines and information VTRs related to Rainbow Line in the house.

Central Terrace

Located on the central Sea of Japan side of the summit, this is the best spot where you can feel the magnificent Sea of Japan while looking closely from Echizen Peninsula to Tsuruga Peninsula and Tsunekami Peninsula.

Mountaintop cafe "Nanairo"

Please enjoy original drinks, delicious coffee, and sweets such as and Rainbow Blue Soft while enjoying the superb view.

Wood Deck Terrace

You can also enjoy drinks and sweets while looking the magnificent scenery on the stylish terrace adjacent to the cafe "Nanairo"

Mountain Peak Restrooms

A multipurpose restroom as well as a gender restroom has been newly established.

Five Lakes Terrace

The most stylish terrace, located on the center of the mountain, on the side of Mikata Five Lakes, with a view of the cityscape of Wakasa-cho and Mihama-cho, centered on Mikata Five Lakes, on a round sofa

Round Sofa Terrace

The most stylish sofas at the summit have time restrictions (10-20 minutes) depending on the season to be used by as many customers as possible.

Counter Terrace

It is the best recommended counter to have a to go basket lunch "Niji Lunーch Box" at the Rainbow Cafe at the foot of the mountain.

Wakasa Terrace

A terrace with a powerful view overlooking Mikata Lake, Suigetsu Lake, Suga Lake, and in the distance the Tango Peninsula and scenic Wakasa Bay.

2nd Floor Counter Terrace

The view from the second floor of the west observatory, which is located on the cliff, is a terrace with a superb view completely different from the east observatory (Mihama Terrace).

Wishing Plates

Write your wishes on the plate dried in the sun and throw it up in the sky towards the lake.

Teahouse Terrace

A terrace with a large panorama where you can see the topography of Wakasa Bay at a glance, from Tango Peninsula's Kyougasaki on the far side of Kyoto to Echizen Peninsula on the side of Fukui.

Japanese-Style Cafe "Goko-An"

In spring / autumn, enjoy a specialty grilled dango and matcha at a Japanese-style modern cafe on an observation deck overlooking the Sea of Japan, surrounded by roses and satsuki azalea.

Wood Deck Terrace

When you go outside Goko-An, you will be impressed by the overwhelming scale panorama of the Tsunekami Peninsula and from Echizen Cape to Tango Peninsula.