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With a theme of small but made in Fukui, we have a variety of souvenirs that are different from those of nearby roadside stations and regular shops.

Wakasa-Cho Specialty

It is the largest production area on the Sea of Japan side and sells "umeboshi" and "umeshu", which use the specially made plum "Benisashi".
Plums have many effects, such as strengthening immunity, relieving fatigue, and preventing blood clots.
We also recommend local products such as pickles of local vegetables "Yamauchi Kabura" and "Uriwari no Mizu".

Mihama-Cho Specialty

Heshiko (boiled mackerel bran) is not only a preserved food, but also rich in nutrients such as protein, minerals, amino acids and DHA, and is said to be effective against summer batter and high blood pressure.
From the real thing to the slice, various ways of eating! Please eat it.
The specialty "Usoba" (a combination of udon and soba) and local farmers' cube rice are popular as souvenirs.

Wakasaji Specialty

We have a wide variety of products such as Fukui's specialty "Habutachi Mochi" and "Mayuka Kawo" processed fishery products from the Wakasa region.

Echizen Washi

Washi is produced in the Imadate area of Echizen city, Fukui (former Imadate town), and continues to be the number one place in Japan for quality, type and quantity.
We have a wide variety of wonderful products from tapestries to decorate rooms, coasters, and goshushikan.

Couple Key Strap

Currently, Fukui produces about 95% of Japanese-made glasses frames (H26 statistics).
This "couple key strap" is jointly produced by three lovers' sanctuary certification facilities (Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park, Hokuriku Expressway Sugitsu Parking Area, Shibamasa World) in Fukui and sold at various locations.
By all means, please bring together a "couple key strap" that utilizes the technology and materials.

Fashion miscellaneous goods

At the Mountain Peak Park, you can find products that are unique to our shop, such as roses motifs, four-leaf clovers that symbolize good luck, and black cat folk art at the shop, in association with roses that bloom in spring and autumn.