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インフォメーションハウス 天空の足湯 カウンターテラス ウッドデッキテラス 美浜テラス 五湖テラス 五木の園 リフトケーブル乗り場 カウンターテラス 丸いソファーテラス メヴィウスの輪 山頂カフェ「なないろ」 山頂トイレ 中央テラス かわらけ投げ 恋人の聖地 幸せの鐘 和合神社 ウッドデッキテラス バラ園 憩いの広場 若狭テラス 2階カウンターテラス 和風カフェ「五湖庵」 ハンモック広場 ウッドデッキテラス 茶屋テラス レインボーショップ「にじいろ」 レインボーカフェ チケットカウンター&インフォメーションセンター リフトケーブル乗り場

Heavenly Terrace

Five stylish terraces have been opened at Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park based on the concept of "heavenly terrace floating on the Mikata Five Lakes"!
Originally a Mountain Peak Park with an overwhelming charm that is not in a scenic spot in Japan where you can enjoy a 360-angle panorama while walking. Please enjoy the spectacular view from each place on your favorite terrace.
There is also a comfortable building that can be used in rainy and windy days, so you can relax even in bad weather.

Rainbow Umbrella

You can use Rainbow Line's specialty, called Rainbow Umbrella for free as parasols and umbrellas.
You can take good pictures for SNS!

Itsuki Hiroshi Monument(Itsuki Hiroshi Monument)

Itsuki Hiroshi Monument is the stage praised the achievement of Hiroshi Itsuki, a singer from this area. There is the stone Itsuki on the stage, and when you touch the record board, his song "Furusato / Hometown" is played.

Mevius Circle(near the Five Lakes Terrace)

Donated by the Tokyo Mihamakai, a local and resident of Tokyo, the message is that the love of the two will last forever, like an infinite Mevius circle.

Wago Shrine & Lover's Holy Land "Happiness Bell"(near the Central Terrace)

There are many "happiness bells" in Japan, but the rainbow line bells are deeply related to "Wago Shrine", which is rare in the whole country and visits from both sides. It is said that if you visit the "Wago Shrine" first and then ring the bell once together who come with you, parents and children, couples, lovers, friends, etc, you will be more devoted to the deities.

Rose Garden(near the Central Terrace)

It was said that very difficult to grow roses at the summit of Baijodake, where the weather conditions were severe. However, with the steady efforts of the staff, about 110 species and 600 roses have come to bloom in spring and autumn.
Best season: Spring - around May 20-June 20 & Autumn - around October 20-November 20
Especially in the spring, the collaboration with pink satsuki azalea is wonderful.

Open Space For Relaxation

A healing space in the middle of the rose garden where about 600 roses are in full bloom in spring and autumn.
You can relax while watching the superb view on the spacious sofa.



Hammock Space(near Wakasa Terrace)

We have created a hammock space for couples and families to enjoy in a Mountain Peak Park that has the only space with natural shade.