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Ticket Counter & Information Center

First, please purchase a Mountain Peak Park ticket at the "Ticket Counter & Information Center" in front of the first parking.
Here you can find information on the sightseeing spots as well as the Rainbow Line Mountain Peak Park.

◇ If you are using various discount campaigns for the entrance to the Mountain Peak Park, please be sure to inform us at the time of purchase. (We cannot do the handling after the purchase.)
◇We handle PayPay, credit card and prepaid transportation cards.

Lift & Cable Car

Lift: 1 person for each lift
(running every 8 seconds)
Enjoy beautiful view with seasonal wind!About 2 minutes each way to the Mountain Peak Park
Cable Car: 30 people
(3 wheelchairs are available)
All weather type. You can enjoy the scenery with wide windows!
Even those who are uneasy about the lift can enjoy it with confidence.



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Passengers with pets

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