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Food & drink

It is OK to go at all three cafes on the Rainbow Line!
Please enjoy it on the terrace of the mountain peak.

Rainbow Cafe(foot of the mountain)Business hours 9: 00-16: 30, Lunch menu 11: 00-15: 00

A cafe located in the first parking.
There are many menus and lunch menus using local mackerel and plums.

Original hot sandwich(Focaccia)

Sauce cutlet sandwich [local menu]
Chicken burdock plum sandwich [local menu]
Mackerel Sandwich [Local Menu]
Smoked salmon sand.
Please choose from these 4 types for the Niji Lunch Box Set.

Rainbow Blue Soft Cream that brings happiness

New bestseller of Rainbow Line.
Rainbow blue soft serve that appeared two years ago is the most popular soft serve regardless of age or season.
Add a little salty "Nami salty"!
(Also available at the mountain peak cafe Nanairo)

Local Menu

The menu is all original, such as mackerel cutlet sandwich, kelp quiche, and varve sweets sandwich that make use of the local ingredients that Wakasa is proud of.



Mountaintop cafe "Nanairo"Business hours 9: 00-16: 30, Lunch menu 11: 00-15: 00

Nanairo is a mountain peak cafe where you can enjoy the spectacular view of the Sea of Japan.
With abundant drinks and lunch menu, you can spend a relaxing day even when the weather is not good.

Original hot sandwich(french bread)

Fukui salmon cutlet sandwich [local menu]
Curry-flavored sandwich of mackerel and 4 kinds of beans [local menu]
Bologna sausage sandwich
Pork roast sand.
Please choose from these 4 types for the NANARO Lunch Box Set.

Rainbow Blue Tea & Drinks

Rainbow Blue Tea is a drink when blue herbal tea turns into violet when lemon is added like blue lakes and seas.
(Also available at Rainbow Cafe at the foot of the mountain)
In addition, coffee and juices are also substantial.

Japanese-Style Cafe "Goko-An"Business hours: 9: 00-16: 30

In spring and autumn, you can enjoy specialty grilled dango and matcha at Goko-an, a modern Japanese-style cafe at an observatory overlooking the Sea of Japan, surrounded by roses and satsuki azalea.

Specialty "Yakidango"

You can choose from "Ume-Dare", "Mitarashi", or "Miso-Dare", which is named after the plum-producing area Wakasa town.
The large yakidango that you can enjoy at the mountain peak are our most popular menu.


Take a break with matcha or zenzai.