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Q.Can I bring my pet?A.Please refer to passengers with pets.
Q.Do I need pay extra price for parking?A.A fee will be charged from October 2022. See opening hours and prices.
Q.Please tell me the price.A.See opening hours and prices.
Q.How do I get there by train?A.As it is a mountain peak park from the driveway, please see the access and use a taxi, sightseeing taxi, or rental car from the nearest station.
Click here for taxi, sightseeing taxi, rental car
Q.Is there a roadside station nearby?A.It is as follows.
Q.Is there a gas station nearby? A.There is no gas station along the Rainbow Line.
Nearby is below.

There are also other gas stations below.
・Hope Service Station 44-10-4 Kitamaekawa, Wakasa-cho, Mikata-Kaminaka-gun, Fukui Prefecture
・Rainbow Mikata Service Station 230-10-1 Kiyama, Wakasa-cho, Mikata-Kaminaka-gun, Fukui.
・Maizuru Wakasa Expressway there is also gasoline sales in a portable can at a convenience store in Mikata Five Lakes Parking Area.
          (As of 2017/02)